Urfi Javed, who recently changed her name to Uorfi, slammed Chahatt Khanna for making ‘nasty’ and ‘cheap’ fashion remarks about her attire. Khanna took to social media to criticise Urfi’s fashion choices. She made her point by posting a collage of Urfi’s photos of her wearing a yellow dupatta dress on a recent outing. Urfi later attacked her behind and called Chahat a “hypocrite.”

Chahatt Khanna’s post
Chahatt posted Urfi’s photos and a lengthy note on her Instagram Story. “Who puts this on? What about on the streets? I mean, who would take off their clothes and become a celebrity because of it? Is Indian media really that vulnerable? It’s simple to purchase this cheap publicity and media, as well as the cheap show you’ll be promoting to our generation. Anyone would pay for spotting and do anything, including go naked, and you’ll carry? This is excruciatingly sad!! God bless you with understanding.”

Urfi Javed responds to Chahat Khanna
In a series of screenshots, Urfi retorted to Chahatt, saying “At the very least, I don’t buy followers! Also, if you did your homework, I was there for an interview, I was dressed for an interview, which is none of your business, and you’re just jealous that despite paying the paps, they aren’t covering you. @chahattkhanna Also, whatever anyone does on this planet is none of your concern; why didn’t you share this story with Ranveer Singh? It demonstrates your hypocrisy. So why should I judge you for your TWO divorces and dating younger men?”

Later, she shared a photo of Chahatt with her bare back to the camera, along with the caption, “So you’re allowed to post such images on social media for all to see? To log in to social media, click here. Isn’t it hote? You are both jealous and a bully, my love. I’m sorry for your daughter. What a wonderful mother they have. Sh*t, “She penned a letter. Uorfi also stated, “At least I’m not living off the alimony of my two ex-husbands! @chahattkhanna I’m not coming to judge how you live your life. I’m not sure what these aunties have against me.”

Immediately following this, Chahatt responded to Urfi’s remarks. “I don’t need to be a part of this drama, but it’s important to let my followers know, people talk and some bark a lot, but people who know me know I’ve worked hard to come here and achieve a lifestyle and not alimony, pls go check records first before talking, haven’t taken a single penny ever, and my divorce could have easily been targeted, everyone knows about this. But people with class would never do something like that, and I don’t expect class from classless people or paid media. A baki jisko jo acha lagta hai likho… mera kya What does it mean to me? “She penned a letter.

Meanwhile, Urfi has captured everyone’s attention with her outlandish fashion choices. Because of her daring appearance, she has consistently made headlines.

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