Vicky Kaushal Receives Response From Salman Khan: "Ladki Na Drop Zaroor Kiya Hai Mujhe" Has Internet users jokingly referring to Katrina Kaif as "Kaif Ko Taunt Maara Hai" - Watch

Salman Khan responded wittily to Vicky Kaushal on a Bigg Boss show, prompting the comment, “Bhai is talking about Katrina,” from online users.

Salman Khan has been outspoken in his attempts to poke fun at his previous relationships and breakups. His clever comments and declarations about his love life have consistently created a stir online. Also, Salman once spoke with Vicky Kaushal, his ex-wife, and his response may make you feel a little sad for the actor. Read on to learn what Salman had to say when Vicky Kaushal inquired about the best pickup line employed on him!

One of the most talked-about relationships in Bollywood has been Salman and Katrina’s union. The couple broke up after their relationship ended, but they have remained friendly, and frequently the Bhai of Bollywood has made light of his previous connection with her!

Vicky Kashuak and Kiara Advani made an appearance on a Bigg Boss show to promote Vicky’s movie, Govinda Naam Mera. Vicky questioned Salman about the worst pickup line he has ever received during a television segment. Salman Khan chuckled before answering, “Pickup ka to pata nahi, par ladki ne drop jarur kiya hai mujhe,” which had everyone in fits of laughter as he hugged Vicky Kaushal.

Many of Salman Khan’s followers are voicing their opinions in response to a viral video that was edited from the show. A video uploaded by the Salman Khan Fan Club Delhi has received 1.5 million views and is mixed with depressing music. See the video here!

For those who are unaware, Salman Khan is rumoured to have dated Katrina Kaif, the wife Vicky Kaushal is married to.

About Govinda Naam Mera, in addition to Vicky and Kiara, Bhumi Pednekar has a significant role in the movie. The comedy-drama movie, written by Shashank Khaitan, features a healthy dose of turmoil, confusion, and humour. The story centres on Govinda Waghmare, a delightful character played by Vicky, who is attempting to leave his wife in order to spend his life with Suku. He runs into difficulties, though, when his step-brother launches a lawsuit to assert his ownership to Govinda’s mansion. This starts an error comedy.

In response to the video, a user made fun of Vicky Kaushal by saying, “Bhai teri gharwali he thi.” “Vicky be like: mujhe sb smajh aa rha hai salman indirectly meri waali ko hi bol rha hai,” another person continued.

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif are being teased, according to a user, who wrote, “Katrina viki ko taunt maara he salman bhai.”

Another person added, “He is talking about Aishwarya Man…,” in reference to Salman’s mention of Aishwarya. You failed to comprehend. He was dropped by Aishwarya. One more person added, “many more sir, not just Aishwarya,”

Another person remarked, “Haste hue dard chupana koi bhaijaan se sikhey.”

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