Vicky Kaushal's disappointment is palpable as Karan Johar offers him SOTY 3. View this amusing video

With his description of the plot of their upcoming film Govinda Naam Mera, filmmaker Karan Johar appears to have disappointed actor Vicky Kaushal. Vicky was stunned when Karan offered him Student of the Year 3 in a new promo video. In the amusing video, Karan and Vicky Kaushal high-fived as the former referred to the actor as an “entertainer” and a “firecracker.”

Karan then made fun of Vicky’s intense roles in films such as ‘commando’ and ‘freedom fighter.’ Karan teased Vicky, saying, “Dukh tera khatam hi nahi hota hai (Your sadness never ends).” Vicky defended those roles by stating that, despite being serious and intense, there is a range. Though Karan agreed with Vicky, he stated that now that he is a star, he wants to see him do something “masaledaar, full of masala.”

A surprised Vicky inquired whether he would be suitable for such roles, and Karan assured him that there are a variety of roles available in entertaining films as well. Karan expressed his desire to see a ‘hashtag fun Vicky,’ and the actor agreed. Karan then revealed that he has a project and would like Vicky to hear it.

The filmmaker then revealed that the ‘hero’s name is Govinda,’ prompting an ecstatic Vicky to inquire, ‘Biopic? Chi Chi?’ implying actor Govinda Karan responded, “Chi chi’s (yuck). Who creates biopics? Take a seat. It’s very simple.” Karan then discussed Govinda’s character and how some people want to seize his home.

When Vicky asked if the character fights against all odds to reclaim his home, Karan revealed that he is a background dancer who has to return a lot of money to people. Vicky, who found the character depressing, inquired about Govinda’s love life, which he said must be fantastic. Karan responded that Govinda’s wife has a great love life because she has a boyfriend and she also hits him. When Vicky asked Karan if anyone liked his character, he said he has a girlfriend.

Vicky then added, “Superb. It’s fantastic. This was completely unexpected. I’m astounded. When are we going to shoot?” When Karan asked for dates in the coming months, Vicky made excuses, saying he needed to shoot for another film and travel to Antarctica. Karan became enraged with Vicky for making excuses and warned him that he would miss out on an ‘outstanding role’ based on an underdog.

The actor slammed him, claiming that a dog’s story is more interesting than the script. Vicky inquired if Karan had any other scripts for him to work on. Karan responded, “No more words. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. It’s quite large. Do you have any idea what it is? 3. Student of the Year Oh my God, your hands are trembling.” Vicky looked at the camera with a pained expression at the end of the video.

Vicky posted the video to Instagram with the caption, “I went with the #FunVicky option. We’ll see you soon! Lena sambhaal. #GovindaNaamMera will be available soon exclusively on @disneyplushotstar!” Vicky will appear in the comedy film Govind Naam Mera alongside Bhumi Pednekar and Kiara Advani. The official release date of Govinda Naam Mera, directed by Shashank Khaitan, is still unknown.

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