Vikram Vedha gained so much money in just 3 days, and in Bigg Boss 16 these folks received punishment.

Since this morning, there has been a commotion in the entertainment industry. All eyes are on the box office results for the recent releases Ponniyin Selvan and Vikram Vedha. At the same time, since this morning, many have been fixated on the fan-made Aryan Khan poster, leading them to hypothesise that he will appear in Brahmastra 2. Similar to Bollywood, there is a lot of commotion about this in the TV industry.

Bigg Boss 16, a popular show from Salman Khan, premiered last week. Actors and social media icons connected to the TV industry have made a strong entry in this programme. Since its debut, there have been ongoing discussions over the show. All the major news of the day will be covered in this live report from Bollywood Life.

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