When Akshara Singh's father arrived at the set, he violently beat her because he had seen the instastory.

On the set, Akshara Singh’s father hits her: Akshara Singh, a Bhojpuri actress, is quite active on social media. The actress frequently updates her social media followers about her day. But recently, something happened that shocked even the actress’s supporters. The actress posted a video and explained that when her father Inderjit Singh arrived on the set during the filming of her movie, he was severely abused. The actress posted this video and claimed that after viewing her Instagram story, her father, Inderjit Singh, became enraged. In reality, actress Akshara Singh admitted in a video she just posted to Instagram that she had worn her father’s favourite T-shirt without his permission. which they are unaware of. Now that he has joined the set,

When her father arrived at the set, he beat Akshara Singh.

Surprisingly, his father Inderjit Singh already knew about the actress Akshara Singh’s behaviour after viewing his Instagram story. What then transpired? He was observed running as soon as he arrived at the set to beat his beloved. Akshara Singh, an actress, also captured this event on camera. Therefore, this video is currently causing terror on the internet. see the video here.

Akshara Singh frequently shows her father amusing videos.

Akshara Singh, an actress, is quite active on social media. It’s fascinating to note that Inderjit Singh, his father, is a frequent user of social media. Both frequently produce humorous clips to amuse their fans. The fans are also won over by this father-son combination. The viewers are greatly amused by these humorous videos of Akshara Singh and Inderjit Singh. Did you enjoy this Akshara Singh video? You can comment and share your thoughts with us.

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