When Hema Malini's shoe fell off at a function, Shah Rukh Khan scooped it up and put it close to her foot. Watch

A few years ago, Shah Rukh Khan assisted Hema Malini when her shoe came off at an occasion. See what transpired.

Veteran performer Hema Malini was once saved by actor Shah Rukh Khan. Hema received the lifetime achievement award at the 2015 21st Screen Awards. Shah Rukh accompanied Hema to the stage while making a nice gesture towards the audience. Hema wore a pink and golden saree for the occasion. Shah Rukh sported a black blazer, jeans, and a white shirt. 

When they made their way to the platform, Shah Rukh Khan gripped Hema’s hand. Yet one of Hema’s shoes came off on the steps heading to the stage. Shah Rukh turned around, picked it up, and set it down next to her feet while she continued to examine it. Along with helping her to the stage, he also wrapped his arm around her.

As the audience clapped for them, the two actors smiled. At the event, after receiving her award, Hema said, “I didn’t know then (talking about the past) that I will be receiving my lifetime achievement award from you. I feel so proud and happy that you have grown in such a big manner, big way. My blessing to you.” Shah Rukh thanked her by folding his hands and bowing his head.

In the 1990s, Shah Rukh participated in Hema’s Dil Aashna Hai film. Hema produced and directed Dil Aashna Hai under the HM Creations brand. Shah Rukh, Divya Bharti, Jeetendra, Mithun Chakraborty, Dimple Kapadia, Amrita Singh, and Sonu Walia were among the actors in the movie.

Aashna Dil Shah Rukh signed on for his debut movie, Dil Aashna Hai, in 1991; however, because of delays, the movie wasn’t released until December 1992. The album was released in June 1992, only a few months after he made his breakthrough with Deewana. Hema and Shah Rukh last appeared together in the 2004 film Veer-Zaara.

Shah Rukh’s hair during his audition was something Hema Malini, the author of Hema Malini: Beyond The Dream Girl, mentioned she didn’t like. According to a Filmfare excerpt from her book, “Hema remembers how anxious Shah Rukh had been during that first meeting. It seems like she answered every one of my questions with a frenzied, rambling retort! She wasn’t happy with the first audition.

Hema recommended they give it another shot, but this time with his hair gelled back and his vibrant blazer swapped out for a simple t-shirt. Although the outcomes were pleasing, Hema invited Dharmendra to see the young actor just to be sure. It is said that Dharam liked the young man right away.

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