Shilpa Shetty demonstrates why she will always be the fashion queen.

Shilpa Shetty is a sight to behold in New Delhi. The mother of two recently returned to the big screen, and her fans couldn’t be happier. Shilpa has now shared images of herself setting the ramp on fire with grace and panache at the ongoing India Couture Week with her Instagram followers. To the carousel of stunning images, the actress also added a video of herself walking the runway.

Dolly J. dressed the actress in a couture gown with an ethnic twist for her runway walk. Shilpa said in the caption, “Ramped up. Last night, I walked the runway for Dolly J… at FDCI India Couture Week.”

Shilpa Shetty previously shared a photo of her parents Surendra Shetty and Sunanda Shetty, as well as her husband Raj Kundra’s parents Bal Krishan Kundra and Usha Rani Kundra, on the occasion of Parents’ Day. Shilpa Shetty quoted American author Jim DeMint in the caption, writing, “One of the greatest titles in the world is ‘parent,’ and one of the biggest blessings in the world is having parents to call’mom’ and ‘dad.'”

Go, give your parents the tightest hug and kiss you possibly can, while you can,” Shilpa continued. Life is a roller coaster. “Happy Father’s Day.”

Previously, the fitness icon posted a video of herself at the gym along with her health and well-being mantra. “Our body is the vehicle that transports us from one place to another; if you don’t want it to break down… Maintenance is a requirement. Any type of fitness regimen requires a small amount of time on a regular basis. For me and the majority of us, “getting back to work” means

meant turning off the ‘vacation’ mode… I decided to go with Knee Push Ups. It strengthens the chest, shoulders, and triceps. It also aids in engaging the core and maintaining proper form. “You can take it to the next level because it helps you progress into a full pushup or an advance pushup,” she explained.

Shilpa Shetty was most recently seen in the film Nikamma, co-starring Abhimanyu Dasani and Shirley Setia. Middle Class Abbayi was a remake of the Telugu film.

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